METAL-PS spol. s r.o. was established in 1992 and it took a long time for it to find its position on the market. Its manufacturing programme initially focused on the surface treatment of metals by the application of powdered plastics - KOMAXIT. Since 1998, its manufacturing programme has gradually expanded to metalworking and assembly works. When searching for potential new customers, the company faced a requirement for quality certification, so it started to build a management control system pursuant to the ISO 9000 standard, which was successfully certified at the end of the year 2000. Thanks to the implemented and certified quality management system, customer interest in the company's products and services has increased. The company has strategically focused on metalworking, surface treatment and the assembly of metal products.

In 2000, the company got the chance to participate in the production and installation of conveyor systems for Barum Continental spol. s r.o. .

Since 2008, the company has been undergoing complete modernization. The new machinery has helped to increase productivity, the quality of the products and work. All investments and subsequent satisfaction of customer demands have helped to strengthen the company's position on the market. Simultaneously, the company has invested in the education of its employees.

Despite its success, the company management and all employees realize that slowing down in such a strong competitive environment might result in a loss of the positions it has attained. For this reason, the company searched for a tool that would allow further improvement of its activities, so it decided to implement requirements for the environment pursuant to the standard ČSN EN ISO 1400:2005 into the already introduced quality management system in 2014.

Our company, METAL-PS spol. s r.o., is aware of the fact that the environment in which we live is also affected by our manufacturing activity. The constant effort of us all, the company managers, technicians and administrative and executive workers, is to minimize the negative impacts of our company on the environment so that we do not threaten ourselves or our fellow citizens by affecting the environment through development of the company. For this purpose, we announce the following integrated management system policy:

  1. We are making the effort to keep our attained position among similarly focused companies in the region.
  2. We will continue to make efforts to understand the needs of our customers by thoroughly processing their requirements and through a high level of communication.
  3. The leading workers will continue to create the company culture so that our employees fully understand that focusing on customer needs is decisive for our success.
  4. We will fully apply a procedural approach to the management of projects; we are aware that the management of processes without their interconnection or understanding their mutual effects is impossible.
  5. We fully realize that continuous improvement is an inseparable component of our success.
  6. A necessary condition for the right direction the company needs to take is decision-making based on correctly evaluated information obtained from the implementation process, internal audits and detection of customer satisfaction.
  7. We will continue to deepen the good relations with our suppliers so that these relations remain mutually favourable for both parties.
  8. We pursue high efficiency of work, removal of all forms of wastefulness, and satisfaction of customer needs, while paying attention to fulfilling all legislative requirements, professional safety and and health protection, and protection of the environment.
  9. We will carefully monitor and observe all the requirements of our legal regulations, laws and decrees and orders, including regulations of the local administration connected with protection of the environment.
  10. We will permanently lessen our impacts on the environment with the emphasis on not polluting it.
  11. When introducing new products, technologies and materials, we will ensure that their impact on the environment is as low as possible.
  12. We are prepared to evaluate and re-examine our impacts on the environment regularly and objectively, and to take the necessary measures to improve it.
  13. We will continuously train and educate all of our employees as regards their careful approach to the environment.
  14. We are prepared to cooperate with the public, the local offices and special interest groups and lead a dialogue on our impact on the environment.
  15. We will create an environment that prevents discrimination of workers as regards their nationality, age, working conditions for pregnant women and underage persons.

The tool for achieving these aims is an integrated management system, which we will permanently maintain and improve.

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