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Conveyor systems

Metalworking and installation work


dopravnikovy system2dopravnikovy system

Manufacture of conveyors / Conveyor systems / Metalworking

At our company, metalworking focuses on the production of machine components and metal units such as conveyor systems, single-purpose machines and steel structures.

We concentrate on the production of various types of conveyor systems for the transport of unit goods and bulk materials.

  • Belt conveyors
  • Square/gravitational roller conveyors
  • Sorting systems
  • Sectional conveyors
  • Accumulation conveyors


  • Centre lathe SN 40 B
  • Centre lathe SV 18 RA
  • Universal milling machine FA 2u
  • Vertical milling machine FV 2a
  • Upright drill VS 32
  • Upright drill Z4116
  • Upright drill BK 20


  • 3D modular welding tables including clamping systems
  • Power source Fronius Vario Star 2500
  • Power source Alf 190


  • Belt saw Pilous ARG 250
  • Belt saw BOMAR STG 220

Processing of metal sheets on CNC shaping machines

METAL-PS spol. s r.o. offers services in CNC processing / metal sheet shaping.

Hydraulic punch press EUROMAC MTX 1250/30 CNC 2000 AUTOINDEX
Pressing force 300 kN (30t)
Max. size of processed material 1250x2500 mm
(1500x3000 mm)
Positioning accuracy 0.1 mm
Rotary head 2
Processed sheets Steel sheet 0.5 - 4 mm
AL sheet 0.5 - 5 mm
Stainless sheet 0.5 - 2 mm

CNC hydraulic press brake APHS 3108 x 150
Max. pressing force
150 t
Material thickness až 8 mm (*
Max. bending length 3100 mm (**
Opening clearance 510 mm
Travel 260 mm
(* = depends on the bend's length; (** = depends on material thickness

Surface treatment by powder coating

Our company offers surface treatment of metals by powder coating. Powder coating is modern technology for the surface treatment of metals, which satisfies strict criteria for protection of the environment and guarantees high-quality surface treatment of metals by powder paints.
The necessary condition for high-quality painting is the cleaned and degreased or even sandblasted surface of the coated product.

Advantages of powder coating

1. The painted layer is resistant to impacts and scratches

2. Outstanding external durability

3. High chemical resistance

4. Environmental-friendliness



Spraying chamber MAJKA 1001: Electric hardening chamber oven KVPE 168x-1062:
Width: 3 500 mm Width: 2 000 mm
Height: 2 100 mm Height: 2 280 mm
Depth: 3 080 mm Depth: 3 600 mm
Capacity of the transport rod: 150 Kg Heating output: 75 kW
Hole for spraying (W x H): 2570x2100 mm heating medium: electric power
Maximum hardening temperature: 200 °C

Spraying chamber MAJKA 1001:
Width: 3 500 mm Height: 2 100 mm Depth: 3 080 mm Capacity of the transport rod: 150 Kg Hole for spraying (W x H): 2570x2100 mm
Electric hardening chamber oven KVPE 168x-1062:
Width: 2 000 mm Height: 2 280 mm Depth: 3 600 mm Heating output: 75 kW Heating medium: eelectric power Maximum hardening temperature: 200 °C

METAL-PS spol. s r. o.

METAL-PS spol. s r.o.  was  established  in  1992   and  it  took  a long  time for it  to find its position on the market. The manufacturing programme initially  focused  on surface    treatment    of metals  by the application of powdered plastics - KOMAXIT. Since 1998, its manufacturing programme has gradually expanded to metalworking and assembly works. When searching for potential  new  customers,   the company faced a requirement for quality certification, so it started to build a management control system pursuant   to the ISO   9000   standard,   which was successfully   certified at the end of the year 2000. Thanks to the implemented and certified quality management   system,   customer   interest     in the company's   products and services   has   increased.   The company   has     strategically   focused on metalworking, surface treatment and the assembly of metal products.

Since  2008,  the company   has  been  undergoing complete modernization. The new   machinery   has helped   to increase   productivity,   the quality of the products and work.
All investments and subsequent satisfaction of customer demands have helped   to strengthen   the company's   position  on the market. In 2014, the company decided to implement requirements for the environment pursuant to the standard ČSN EN ISO 1400:2005 into the already introduced quality management system and successfully certified it.


Business premises:
METAL-PS spol. s r.o.
tř. Tomáše Bati 1686, budova 56c
765 02 Otrokovice
Czech republic
Tel: +420 577 158 195
Tel: +420 577 158 996
OR: C. 7154 vedená v Brně
Company headquarters:
METAL-PS spol. s r.o.
Kvítkovská 171, 763 61 Pohořelice
IČO: 469 69 837
DIČ: CZ46969837